1.1. 7ML will only transport documents, packages or goods on the terms and conditions that apply at 7ML.

1.2. 7ML reserves the right to refuse or accept certain transportation documents or items from the sender, in accordance with the provisions contained in 7ML.

1.3. 7ML reserves the right to carry documents or goods belonging to the sender using suitable handling, storage and transportation in accordance with 7ML’s policies.

1.4. Shipper's documents or packaged goods are the responsibility of the sender.

1.5. 7ML is not responsible for any loss or damage to documents or imperfections in the packaging of goods caused by the sender.

1.6. The sender must be responsible for including the full name and address of the delivery destination, the type or content of the document or consignment so that the delivery can be carried out correctly.

1.7. 7ML is not responsible for delays, losses, damages and costs arising from the shipper's negligence and error in fulfilling the obligations above.


2.1. 7ML does not accept explosive or flammable dangerous goods, drugs, gold and silver, coins, ash, cyanide, platinum and stones or precious metals, stolen goods, cash checks, or money orders and objects containing gas.

2.2. If the sender sends the goods without the knowledge of 7ML, 7ML is released from all claims for compensation, costs and claims that may arise from any party.

2.3. 7ML reserves the right to take all necessary steps as soon as 7ML becomes aware of a violation of this condition, including to exercise the rights stipulated in the consumer protection law.


3.1. 7ML has the right but is not obliged to inspect the goods or documents sent by the sender to ensure that the delivery of the documents or goods really meets the requirements to be transported to the destination address in the provisions of standard operating procedures and 7ML handling methods.

3.2. 7ML in exercising their rights does not guarantee or represent that all shipments are fit for transportation.

3.3. 7ML is not responsible for the content of the shipment that does not match the description given by the sender to 7ML.


4.1. The sender hereby guarantees that the person concerned is the rightful owner and is entitled to the delivery of documents or goods to be delivered by 7ML and has agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions.

4.2. The sender declares that 7ML is released from claims of any party and from all costs and damages or other costs in the event of a breach of this warranty.

4.3. 7ML is only responsible for paying losses suffered as a result of damage or loss of shipping documents or goods that occur when the goods or documents are still under the control of 7ML, with a note only if the damage is solely due to 7ML's negligence.

4.4. 7ML is not responsible for any damages and losses, including but not limited to commercial, indirect or other financial losses including losses incurred in transportation or delivery caused by things beyond 7ML's control or compensation. for damages caused by natural disasters or force majeure.

4.5. The compensation value is in accordance with the terms and conditions of 7ML. In determining the value of accountability, 7ML considers the value of the document or replacement of goods at the time and place of delivery, without connecting with the commercial value and the consequences of the loss.


Every claim from the sender regarding the obligations and responsibilities of 7ML must be submitted in writing and received by the 7ML office no later than 10 (ten) days after the date on which the documents or goods should have arrived.

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